Happy Christmas!

"For unto us a child is born,  unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6


Funny Husband

Me to Eddie, while looking through our wedding photos: "You are the most handsome man I've ever seen."
Eddie, sighs and says: "One wearies of such duty."

Haha, he makes me laugh all the time :)


Happy Moment :)

I'm sitting next to a window on campus, watching the wind blow colorful leaves off of the trees outside.

I love fall.

I'm excited about pulling out my jackets and wearing something other than flip flops!

Life is good and I feel like I'm constantly learning something new. That said, it's been rather hard. Being newly married and in school comes with a steep learning curve which entails a lot of learning from my mistakes, usually after making the same mistake several times. Ha.

I often feel like I'm fumbling around and just trying to keep up with what life is throwing at Eddie and I.

A lot of things seem to have fallen apart just for the sake of causing us stress and trouble. In the midst of this, I'm relearning how crucial it is to spend time with the the Lord on a daily basis. Without this quiet time I am so easily shaken. Doubts about who He is, who I am in Him, and how much He loves Eddie and I flood in. I constantly need to be reminded of His grace and mercy for my failings and of the hope that we have in Him.

It's amazing how sitting down for even ten minutes to spend time with the Lord in the middle of a super hectic, stressful day can just douse my heart in peace. I love the burning feeling in my chest that tells me that He's listening to me, that He knows the worries and the dreams of my heart, and that they matter to Him.

Yay, Jesus :)


We're Home!

The trip to England was awesome.
We got to visit Cambridge and London and packed so much into a six day period!
Pictures and stories to come :)

For now, studying and preparing for midterms and presentations this coming week. Woo!


Night Out!

A few weeks ago, one of our friends got a new job! While it is his first post-college job and it's a total blessing, it's bittersweet because it means he will be moving out of state soon. He's a good friend and ex-roommate of Eddie's, is my sister-in-laws boyfriend, and was a groomsman in our wedding. Needless to say, he will be quite missed. But we got to go out and celebrate with the two of them and it was really fun! We ate out at a nice manly steakhouse and went bowling :)

We decided to give each other goofy names. Notice everyone but Captain got a strike. Wonder who that could be...

I love him.
I bet him $8 that I could beat him. I kick butt at bowling but he was doubtful. Then I creamed him. Ha! So he says "Double or nothing?". I, of course liking the idea of $16 more than $8, say yes. And I beat him again!  "Triple or nothing?" Sure thing! And then...he beats me in the last round by one point! Gah! He says that the lesson I should learn is to quit while I'm ahead. I think I should've just won again. Oh well.


And off he goes...

Well, right about now Eddie's in a plane somewhere over the Atlantic on his way to England for a business trip. Yay traveling! Boo, I won't see my husband for a week. That's a long time. Sigh.

I miss him a lot and he's only been gone for half a day.

I'm excited that his company is paying for him to go all the way to England for business. He got to fly 1st class and had access to an exclusive lounge at the New York airport, which sounds like fun. I'm glad that he gets to go somewhere that he's never been before. Gets to meet new people, do some new exciting things with his job. I'm sure he'll learn a lot this week.

But all of my insides rebel against him being gone. On the outside, everything is the same. On the inside, my body is telling me,"Hey. Hey you. You left your other half at the airport. I think you must have made a mistake because somethings not right in here. Blah." Blah is right.

I'm anxious about him going somewhere new. About him being far away. Really far away. I'm praying for him and his time in England. I know the Lord goes with him. Praying that he won't be overwhelmed. Or anxious. Like I'm trying not to be. Praying for peace and rest as he flies overnight.

But how exciting to wake up in a totally new country! I'm looking forward to hearing about his trip, work, and what he thinks of everything. And I will see him soon :) This time next week I'll be in England, too! Just me and my love, with nothing to do but be together and explore the city.

Photo by Mr. Yo Han Kim

Can't wait!

"Cast all of your anxiety on him for he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7


Weekend Activities!

This past weekend was pretty busy but we managed to do some fun, stress-free things to rest from the hectic whirl that has been our life recently. After Eddie got off of work on Friday, we met up with my family and climbed Kennesaw Mountain. Well, sort of. By the time we started walking up at around 7:30, a police officer kindly informed us that it closes at 8. But we got to walk for a little while and see the sunset over Atlanta, which was gorgeous.

Saturday night we had my family over to the apartment and had Scrabble night! We went out and bought the game just for the occasion. It was on sale and came with a free pizza! Score!

After church on Sunday, Eddie and I went to the Marietta Square Farmers Market. I love the farmers market. I've gone to the Saturday market a few times and usually come away with something that makes me super happy, like giant sunflowers for only a $1 each. Seriously, few things beat that. We'd never been to the Sunday market, though, and I was pretty excited to go. The weather was perfect!

The Sunday market is about half the size of the Saturday market and, sadly, there were no flowers but we were still able to walk through the booths and get some yummy snacks! We got a few homemade bagels for later and handmade fruit pops from King of Pops. I got Cantaloupe Lime and Eddie got Strawberry Limeade. Both were super tasty but, of course, I liked Eddie's better. That's pretty much how it goes the majority of the time. Lucky for me, he usually doesn't mind sharing some with me. :)

It was really fun going just Eddie and I. I loved meandering around the square with him, just enjoying the day. We sat on a bench and just hung out for a while, talking and people watching.

I love him :)



I need to practice my Spanish.

Recently I got to babysit a sweet 8 year old girl from El Salvador who is in staying with a local family while she has eye surgery in town. She only speaks Spanish so I had fun trying to use my unpracticed Spanish to communicate with her. I could understand the majority of what she said to me but had a hard time putting together the words to respond. She was so funny, she just played and talked and talked and talked. How do you love on someone when you can't adequately communicate with them? When I was little, I had surgery on the same eye that she's about to have operated on. I wanted to encourage her but couldn't find the words to explain it to her in Spanish. Gah!

This situation reminded me of a group of women that I met last month. These six beautiful women just recently left for Cambodia to reach out to those involved in the sex industry and show them the love of Jesus for the next two years. They don't yet know the language and a few of them have talked about the language barrier being difficult to deal with when they just want to love on the people!

Praying that the language would be learned quickly and that the Lord would give them opportunities to encourage and love the people without words. Also praying for the sweet little girl as she has her surgery soon.



Extended Birthday Weekend!

(With baby pictures like this, it's no wonder he grew up to be such a stud!)

Eddie turned 24 this past week! He was able to take his birthday, which was Thursday, off of work. Add that to the four day weekend he already had and we ended up with a five day weekend! Love it. To celebrate his birthday, we had a game night at our apartment with family. It was our first little get together in the apartment, which was fun. There was lots of cake and ice cream and the games made for a rather entertaining evening. Overall, success!

The rest of the weekend, we pretty much did nothing but relax and hang out together. It was fantastic :) In the midst of the recent busyness, I'd forgotten how much I just enjoy hanging out with my husband. Sounds strange to say since we're together every day, but it feels like we've been going non-stop since the wedding. We haven't had a lot of stress free time to just enjoy being together. We went to the movies with my family, got burritos (I love burritos), acted silly, and got caught up on one of our favorite shows. We also met with our wedding photographer and finalized our wedding album design! Oh man, I'm so pumped to see how it turns out. We're getting the final edits of our wedding photos soon, too. Can't wait!


Change is good

This summer has been full of crazy changes.

Eddie and I got married in June! We've been married for three months today. This has been the biggest change of all and it's so good! Eddie is everything I'd hoped for and more and the Lord just handed him to me. I wasn't at a place where I was expecting him or feeling even remotely deserving of him, but the Lord's timing is perfect. Eddie is wise, funny, disciplined, super smart, oh so handsome, AND he loves Jesus! Gosh. I'm so blessed. I have the best teammate, life partner, best friend ever.

He's my favorite :)

Marriage is a total blessing but it brings so many other changes, which can sometimes be rather overwhelming. First time living away from home, living with this new person all the time and sharing our space, learning how to communicate well, having our own apartment to set up and clean, laundry to do, ect...whew. Add Eddie's full-time job and my classes and it's a little beyond hectic sometimes. We're definitely learning a lot!

I'm really glad that we were able to stay in Atlanta close to family and friends for the first part of our marriage/transition time. Who knows where we'll be in the future but right now it's comforting to know that we have people close to us that can help us through the craziness.

A few weeks ago, we moved into our first apartment! It was our third move in the three months we've been married. But we have a one year lease here, which I'm totally pumped about! We'll actually be able to settle down and get comfortable.

The week after we moved, I got up early to go see my littlest sister of to her first day of school...as a senior! Not ok. Maddie (Madeline, Maddog, Madz) is 5 years younger than me, which means that none of the kids that are seniors now were even in high school yet when I graduated. That makes me feel rather old. It will be really strange when Maddie graduates and goes off to college, but hopefully she won't go too far away. It's probably inevitable but I don't look forward to the time when my sisters and I don't live close enough to see each other at least once a week.

So that's a brief overview of the changes going on lately! With everything that's been happening, I find that I'm easily overwhelmed. In the midst of all of the insanity, a line from Jesus Culture's song "One Thing" keeps playing in my head: "Constant through the trial and the change, One thing remains." Through everything that's going on, I know that I'm not alone and that the Lord is constantly with me. It's not going to be easy all the time, or even often, but there's purpose in everything that comes our way. The Lord loves us more than we can comprehend and has good plans for us!

And this is just the beginning! I can't wait to see what He has planned. It's been anything but boring so far...