Change is good

This summer has been full of crazy changes.

Eddie and I got married in June! We've been married for three months today. This has been the biggest change of all and it's so good! Eddie is everything I'd hoped for and more and the Lord just handed him to me. I wasn't at a place where I was expecting him or feeling even remotely deserving of him, but the Lord's timing is perfect. Eddie is wise, funny, disciplined, super smart, oh so handsome, AND he loves Jesus! Gosh. I'm so blessed. I have the best teammate, life partner, best friend ever.

He's my favorite :)

Marriage is a total blessing but it brings so many other changes, which can sometimes be rather overwhelming. First time living away from home, living with this new person all the time and sharing our space, learning how to communicate well, having our own apartment to set up and clean, laundry to do, ect...whew. Add Eddie's full-time job and my classes and it's a little beyond hectic sometimes. We're definitely learning a lot!

I'm really glad that we were able to stay in Atlanta close to family and friends for the first part of our marriage/transition time. Who knows where we'll be in the future but right now it's comforting to know that we have people close to us that can help us through the craziness.

A few weeks ago, we moved into our first apartment! It was our third move in the three months we've been married. But we have a one year lease here, which I'm totally pumped about! We'll actually be able to settle down and get comfortable.

The week after we moved, I got up early to go see my littlest sister of to her first day of school...as a senior! Not ok. Maddie (Madeline, Maddog, Madz) is 5 years younger than me, which means that none of the kids that are seniors now were even in high school yet when I graduated. That makes me feel rather old. It will be really strange when Maddie graduates and goes off to college, but hopefully she won't go too far away. It's probably inevitable but I don't look forward to the time when my sisters and I don't live close enough to see each other at least once a week.

So that's a brief overview of the changes going on lately! With everything that's been happening, I find that I'm easily overwhelmed. In the midst of all of the insanity, a line from Jesus Culture's song "One Thing" keeps playing in my head: "Constant through the trial and the change, One thing remains." Through everything that's going on, I know that I'm not alone and that the Lord is constantly with me. It's not going to be easy all the time, or even often, but there's purpose in everything that comes our way. The Lord loves us more than we can comprehend and has good plans for us!

And this is just the beginning! I can't wait to see what He has planned. It's been anything but boring so far...

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