And off he goes...

Well, right about now Eddie's in a plane somewhere over the Atlantic on his way to England for a business trip. Yay traveling! Boo, I won't see my husband for a week. That's a long time. Sigh.

I miss him a lot and he's only been gone for half a day.

I'm excited that his company is paying for him to go all the way to England for business. He got to fly 1st class and had access to an exclusive lounge at the New York airport, which sounds like fun. I'm glad that he gets to go somewhere that he's never been before. Gets to meet new people, do some new exciting things with his job. I'm sure he'll learn a lot this week.

But all of my insides rebel against him being gone. On the outside, everything is the same. On the inside, my body is telling me,"Hey. Hey you. You left your other half at the airport. I think you must have made a mistake because somethings not right in here. Blah." Blah is right.

I'm anxious about him going somewhere new. About him being far away. Really far away. I'm praying for him and his time in England. I know the Lord goes with him. Praying that he won't be overwhelmed. Or anxious. Like I'm trying not to be. Praying for peace and rest as he flies overnight.

But how exciting to wake up in a totally new country! I'm looking forward to hearing about his trip, work, and what he thinks of everything. And I will see him soon :) This time next week I'll be in England, too! Just me and my love, with nothing to do but be together and explore the city.

Photo by Mr. Yo Han Kim

Can't wait!

"Cast all of your anxiety on him for he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

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