Extended Birthday Weekend!

(With baby pictures like this, it's no wonder he grew up to be such a stud!)

Eddie turned 24 this past week! He was able to take his birthday, which was Thursday, off of work. Add that to the four day weekend he already had and we ended up with a five day weekend! Love it. To celebrate his birthday, we had a game night at our apartment with family. It was our first little get together in the apartment, which was fun. There was lots of cake and ice cream and the games made for a rather entertaining evening. Overall, success!

The rest of the weekend, we pretty much did nothing but relax and hang out together. It was fantastic :) In the midst of the recent busyness, I'd forgotten how much I just enjoy hanging out with my husband. Sounds strange to say since we're together every day, but it feels like we've been going non-stop since the wedding. We haven't had a lot of stress free time to just enjoy being together. We went to the movies with my family, got burritos (I love burritos), acted silly, and got caught up on one of our favorite shows. We also met with our wedding photographer and finalized our wedding album design! Oh man, I'm so pumped to see how it turns out. We're getting the final edits of our wedding photos soon, too. Can't wait!

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