I need to practice my Spanish.

Recently I got to babysit a sweet 8 year old girl from El Salvador who is in staying with a local family while she has eye surgery in town. She only speaks Spanish so I had fun trying to use my unpracticed Spanish to communicate with her. I could understand the majority of what she said to me but had a hard time putting together the words to respond. She was so funny, she just played and talked and talked and talked. How do you love on someone when you can't adequately communicate with them? When I was little, I had surgery on the same eye that she's about to have operated on. I wanted to encourage her but couldn't find the words to explain it to her in Spanish. Gah!

This situation reminded me of a group of women that I met last month. These six beautiful women just recently left for Cambodia to reach out to those involved in the sex industry and show them the love of Jesus for the next two years. They don't yet know the language and a few of them have talked about the language barrier being difficult to deal with when they just want to love on the people!

Praying that the language would be learned quickly and that the Lord would give them opportunities to encourage and love the people without words. Also praying for the sweet little girl as she has her surgery soon.


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