Weekend Activities!

This past weekend was pretty busy but we managed to do some fun, stress-free things to rest from the hectic whirl that has been our life recently. After Eddie got off of work on Friday, we met up with my family and climbed Kennesaw Mountain. Well, sort of. By the time we started walking up at around 7:30, a police officer kindly informed us that it closes at 8. But we got to walk for a little while and see the sunset over Atlanta, which was gorgeous.

Saturday night we had my family over to the apartment and had Scrabble night! We went out and bought the game just for the occasion. It was on sale and came with a free pizza! Score!

After church on Sunday, Eddie and I went to the Marietta Square Farmers Market. I love the farmers market. I've gone to the Saturday market a few times and usually come away with something that makes me super happy, like giant sunflowers for only a $1 each. Seriously, few things beat that. We'd never been to the Sunday market, though, and I was pretty excited to go. The weather was perfect!

The Sunday market is about half the size of the Saturday market and, sadly, there were no flowers but we were still able to walk through the booths and get some yummy snacks! We got a few homemade bagels for later and handmade fruit pops from King of Pops. I got Cantaloupe Lime and Eddie got Strawberry Limeade. Both were super tasty but, of course, I liked Eddie's better. That's pretty much how it goes the majority of the time. Lucky for me, he usually doesn't mind sharing some with me. :)

It was really fun going just Eddie and I. I loved meandering around the square with him, just enjoying the day. We sat on a bench and just hung out for a while, talking and people watching.

I love him :)


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