Happy Moment :)

I'm sitting next to a window on campus, watching the wind blow colorful leaves off of the trees outside.

I love fall.

I'm excited about pulling out my jackets and wearing something other than flip flops!

Life is good and I feel like I'm constantly learning something new. That said, it's been rather hard. Being newly married and in school comes with a steep learning curve which entails a lot of learning from my mistakes, usually after making the same mistake several times. Ha.

I often feel like I'm fumbling around and just trying to keep up with what life is throwing at Eddie and I.

A lot of things seem to have fallen apart just for the sake of causing us stress and trouble. In the midst of this, I'm relearning how crucial it is to spend time with the the Lord on a daily basis. Without this quiet time I am so easily shaken. Doubts about who He is, who I am in Him, and how much He loves Eddie and I flood in. I constantly need to be reminded of His grace and mercy for my failings and of the hope that we have in Him.

It's amazing how sitting down for even ten minutes to spend time with the Lord in the middle of a super hectic, stressful day can just douse my heart in peace. I love the burning feeling in my chest that tells me that He's listening to me, that He knows the worries and the dreams of my heart, and that they matter to Him.

Yay, Jesus :)

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  1. Just read your last two posts... got a laugh and some encouragement to go pray. I needed that. Thanks Steph. :)