Birthday Breakfast

Last Saturday was my birthday and my sweet husband planned a birthday breakfast for me. He got up early that morning, went grocery shopping, and came home to cook before I even woke up! I love him. My  lovely sister-in-law came over and made guava and cheese empanadas....oh man, those things are so good. A little bit later, my family came over to eat and celebrate with us.

I hadn't really thought about my birthday and wasn't expecting a lot but by 10 a.m I already felt quite spoiled. Breakfast was fantastic! Eddie made some of my favorite foods and bought a gallon of my favorite chocolate milk. My family stayed and just hung out until late afternoon and I got so many presents that it felt like Christmas time! I'm quite blessed.

It was so great to start celebrating first thing in the morning! I think birthday breakfasts might become a Rodriguez tradition. :) 

Steph xo

Go UK!

Last Friday, the University of Kentucky, my dad's alma mater, played in the NCAA basketball tournament. They made it to the elite eight! They played against the Indiana Hoosiers in Atlanta and, even though we didn't have tickets to the game, we all went downtown to watch it at a restaurant called Stats.

We hung out on the rooftop deck, ate a bunch of yummy appetizers, and rooted for Kentucky. It was a really fun, relaxing way to spend a Friday night. I love being downtown so I was a happy camper. Plus, Kentucky won! Final score: Kentucky 102, Indiana 90.

Onto the final four!


Tea in Chattanooga

Last month, some friends and I took a day trip up to Chattanooga to have a tea party at one of my favorite tea shops. Four of us came up from Atlanta and met up with two more friends from Nashville. A few of the girls hadn't experienced a full sit down tea before so it was fun introducing them to it. We got a large tray full of all sorts of goodies and shared a few desserts. And, of course, had a few pots of tea! It was amazingly cold and windy that day. It even began to snow a little bit which made the tea feel even more cozy.

Afterwards, we strolled through an antique store and went over to the Chattanooga Choo Choo, an old train station turned hotel, to walk around and sit for a bit. Then, since tea is more of a snack than a meal, we all bundled up into my  car and went out for barbecue. So good!
It was quite a fun day! I loved getting to spend some time with my girlfriends, most of whom I don't get to see on a regular basis. They're all pretty fantastic :)

xo Steph


Homecoming Court

Recently, my baby sister, Madeline, was on homecoming court at her high school. So exciting! It was a lot of fun going dress shopping with her and being there as she got ready on the day itself. She had all sorts of people over at the house to support her and help her get ready. It was pretty impressive to see so many girls squeeze into one bathroom...one doing her hair, another doing her make up, and another painting her nails. In the end, she looked smashing, as always, in her poppin' blue dress. That girl is hot stuff. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day:
My Dad got to walk her on the court. The school rented him a tux and everything! 
Posing for a school photo in true Maddie fashion.  

Such a fun experience! Maddie is fantastic and I quite miss seeing her as often as I used to. I adore her.

Steph xo 


Welcome, Spring

Spring has officially hit Atlanta. Everything is blooming and the weather has been really warm. I'm talking super warm. It was 80 degrees almost everyday this week, which has made it feel almost more like summer than spring. While I've thoroughly enjoyed the warmth, I'm hoping that it cools down a bit in the next few weeks. Eddie and I are running our first 5k two weekends from now and I'd rather not be a human puddle at the end of it, ha. Either way though, I'm pretty excited about the run. 

Well, I'm off to enjoy the new season before the pollen covers every inch of the city!

Steph xoxo