Birthday Breakfast

Last Saturday was my birthday and my sweet husband planned a birthday breakfast for me. He got up early that morning, went grocery shopping, and came home to cook before I even woke up! I love him. My  lovely sister-in-law came over and made guava and cheese empanadas....oh man, those things are so good. A little bit later, my family came over to eat and celebrate with us.

I hadn't really thought about my birthday and wasn't expecting a lot but by 10 a.m I already felt quite spoiled. Breakfast was fantastic! Eddie made some of my favorite foods and bought a gallon of my favorite chocolate milk. My family stayed and just hung out until late afternoon and I got so many presents that it felt like Christmas time! I'm quite blessed.

It was so great to start celebrating first thing in the morning! I think birthday breakfasts might become a Rodriguez tradition. :) 

Steph xo


  1. Beautiful photos, Stephanie! Please tell me those are cinnamon rolls...yummmm. Looks like you had a great birthday ;)

    oh and thank you for leaving kind words over on my blog today. i left a reply there but i thought i'd hop over here to let you know i appreciated it :) Keep posting -- love your blog!


  2. happy birthday! such a yummers breakfast and what a sweet husband. i need that book--i've just embraced the beautiful deliciousness that is a good cup of tea:)

    so happy to find/follow along in your lovely space:)

  3. mmm birthday breakfast looks yummy!! Sounds like a very good idea for a tradition! Happy Birthday!

    xo, Lulu