Homecoming Court

Recently, my baby sister, Madeline, was on homecoming court at her high school. So exciting! It was a lot of fun going dress shopping with her and being there as she got ready on the day itself. She had all sorts of people over at the house to support her and help her get ready. It was pretty impressive to see so many girls squeeze into one bathroom...one doing her hair, another doing her make up, and another painting her nails. In the end, she looked smashing, as always, in her poppin' blue dress. That girl is hot stuff. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day:
My Dad got to walk her on the court. The school rented him a tux and everything! 
Posing for a school photo in true Maddie fashion.  

Such a fun experience! Maddie is fantastic and I quite miss seeing her as often as I used to. I adore her.

Steph xo 

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