New Orleans: Cafe du Monde

While exploring New Orleans, we stopped at Cafe Du Monde, a coffee shop that was established in 1862 and is famous for it's beignets, or French-style donuts. After wandering around the hot city for a few hours, it was nice to be able to sit down and relax for a bit. This shop is also one of the few things that I remember about our last family visit to New Orleans from over a decade ago, so I was really looking forward to going.

It was so good! We ended up eating almost fifteen beignets between the six of us. With some cold milk and iced coffee added into the mix, it was pretty close to perfection.

The goal while eating beignets is to avoid inhaling the powdered sugar! Otherwise, you end up coughing and hacking like a fool, haha.

This is definitely one of my favorite stops during the trip. It was great to be able to introduce Eddie to the experience, too. Hooray for sweet new memories :)

Steph xo

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  1. Cafe du Monde is the best!! I'm a little bit jealous of your trip, ha.