Weekend Recap

Eddie had Friday off this past weekend so we had a long weekend. I'm super thankful that he gets every other Friday off right now. They make the weekend feel so much longer and I get to spend a whole extra day with my love!

We started the weekend with a mini celebration of my man. He's in a leadership program at his work that requires that he take a few classes, in addition to working full time, and for the past few weeks he's been studying for a big test. The test was last week, he got his results back, and he rocked the test! I married a genius. A hot genius. We got Chinese take out with my family to celebrate! It was super tasty.
In other news, one of my daffodils finally bloomed! Hooray! I planted the bulbs a little late and none of the others ended up flowering, so I took a bunch of photos of the lone bloomer. I love daffodils. I planted Forget-me-nots in a few old Coke bottles as an experiment and they're going strong. I really like the way the plant looks in the glass.

The rest of the weekend consisted of preparing for finals. This week is going to be a busy one!

Steph xoxo


  1. I love that bottle planter! Please teach me how you made that...it must be in my collection! :))

    1. Haha, I seriously just put dirt in the bottles, tossed some seeds in, watered it some, and hoped it would grow! I planted them in three bottles. Two survived but one got some sort of fungus and didn't work out so well. Total experiment. If you try it def take pictures!!