Weekly Snapshots

Made a variation of this for dinner Monday night. Super yummy! 

Post-Easter Tulip sale? Yes, please.

Drank more bubble tea :)
Late night outing to fill a corn dog craving...mmmm.

Allowed myself a cup of my favorite Peach Apricot Black tea. I've been rationing it since I got it for Christmas. Almost gone!

Catching up on class readings. War and Peace is a surprisingly good book but it's sooo long!

 Breakfast for dinner! Tasty and sweet.
Have a lovely weekend!
Steph xoxo


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh man, I love corn dogs! All this food is making me hungry :)

  2. I saw your bubble tea and had no idea what it was.. so clicked on the link and read about it... sounds pretty good and interesting.

  3. Mmmmm. Apricot Black tea sounds amazing!
    Also, thanks for sending me that link. But alas, they are one size too small! :(
    But thanks anyways, I appreciate the thought!