Farewell Lunch

The other day, my mum, sisters, and I went out to lunch with a sweet visiting friend before she flew back home. We went downtown Marietta for lunch and ended up at the cupcake shop afterwards. It was a lot of fun just walking around the square and spending time together. I'm not sure when we'll see our friend again, but hopefully soon! Maybe we'll all take a trip up to visit her this time :) Yesss, please!

I love this photo...freckles and a Coca-cola addiction.
Rocky road cupcake! I love rocky road ice cream. I have such sweet memories of sitting in our friend's kitchen with her boys (aka my brothers) eating mugs of the stuff...picking out the marshmallows first because they're the very best part!
Miss you already, Mama #2!
Steph xoxo


Maddie is a Graduate!

Well, it's official. My littlest sister is a high school graduate! You go, girl!
The weekend was full of hangout time with people we love and parties to celebrate Maddie and her awesomeness. Family and friends came into town to celebrate and Saturday there was a big graduation party for Maddie and her sweet friend, Meg. It was a blast! So many people came and I got to see a bunch of my favorite people, some that I hadn't seen since our wedding last summer. There was also homemade spaghetti and meatballs and a chocolate fountain. So good!

The rest of the weekend consisted of family time, trips to the food truck park, dollar movies, and lots of walks. Yes, we walked around with umbrellas like we were some sort of circus troop. And yet I still managed to get a sunburn. Hello, summertime!

Overall, it was quite a successful weekend and I'm pretty bummed that it's over! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend, too!

Steph xoxo


Madge and Me

Today I got to have lunch with my sister! Maddie is one of my favorite people. We went into the city to check out the newly opened Atlanta Food Truck Park. I was pretty excited about going and it didn't disappoint. Fish tacos, cupcakes, and a fresh blackberry lemonade the size of my head...good stuff. I'm excited to bring Eddie here sometime. I think he'd like it and it'd be a good casual date night place.

I'm glad that I got to spend some time with my lovely sister before the week gets super busy. She's graduating from high school this week (is this real life?!) and a bunch of people that we love are coming into town and she'll be all over the place.

I can't believe my baby sister is graduating high school! She also got her braces off yesterday which makes her look even more grown up. And even more beautiful! I can't handle it! I'm glad she's going to a school close by for a little bit at least. 

I have such separation anxiety with my family! Maybe I'll have to fight that at some point but until then, I'm going to take full advantage of them all being so close by. I'm super thankful that my family is so close and that we actually want to hang out with each other :)

Steph xoxo


Tea Journal

I sort of love tea. A lot. I have so much tea in my apartment right now even though I'm pretty much the only one that drinks it. I got my love of tea from my mama. We grew up having tea parties anytime there was an excuse to have one...birthdays, St. Patrick's day, Christmas. I loved getting dressed up and going to tea houses around Portland growing up...eating fresh gingersnaps and drinking hot peach apricot tea. Then after we moved to the South, I got to work in a cozy little tea shop with my mum for a while and absolutely loved it. I might have to open up my own shop one day...

I recently got a few tea books as Christmas/birthday gifts and, now that I'm graduated, I actually have time to read them! One of the books suggests keeping a tea journal to document different aspects of the tea that you drink. What kind of tea it is, where it's from, likes and dislikes...it helps to learn the differences and similarities between teas. I rather like this idea so I decorated a mini memo book my husband let me steal from his desk to make into a tea journal. Tea stained paper doily and string, light blue paint, and some modge-podge go a long way!

I'm rather content with the way it turned out. It's perfectly imperfect and fits nicely in my purse. I'm excited about filling it up with all sorts of tea info!

Steph xoxo

(Lesson learned from this project: painters tape and duct tape are not the same thing. Not even similar, turns out. I used duct tape to cover the binding of the notebook while I painted and it almost ripped off the binding when I removed the tape. Oh gosh.)


Week in Review

This past week has been full of all sorts of fun things! From taking my last final, to celebrating birthdays, graduating, visiting with my family and Eddie’s family that came to town, and celebrating Mother’s Day, it’s been a busy but awesome week. I loved hanging out with out of town visitors and eating so much good food! Here are some photos from this weeks activities:

Used my crock pot for the first time! Man, it was so easy. I made barbecue chicken and it was pretty tasty. Cleaned off and organized my desk...makes such a difference! Found a new tea shop with an awesome tea selection! Found out a few days later that they’re closing at the end of the month. Sad day.

Had tea out of french press. I'm not sure how I feel about the french press but the tea was so good! Lapsong Souchong...smells like foresty heaven! Finished my last college final ever! Met up with some friends downtown before their trip to Europe. My husbands camera is accompanying them on the trip. It's the camera I use the most and I rather miss it but I'm glad it gets to sightsee across Europe!

Got some birthday cupcakes for my sweet sister-in-law from Miss Mamie’s. Best cupcakes in Atlanta, for sure! The weather was gorgeous all week long! Rain came in over the weekend but turns out rainy days at home with my man are one of my favorite things :) My handsome man all dressed up for my graduation! Hottie.

My mama ordered a super tasty chocolate mousse cake for graduation. It was so good! Even if they spelled my name wrong, haha :) More roses! I’m pretty ok with my apartment constantly being full of bouquets of flowers. Yep. Graduation hair…simple, sweet, and easy.

We took another trip to the drive in with all of the family visiting from out of town. We saw the Avengers again…just as good the second time! My love and me xoxoxo Everyone loved the drive in! Eddie’s parents had never been to one before and I’m so glad we got to take them!

My lovely sister. She’s going to be gone all summer long…gah! I’m excited for her but I’ll miss her quite a lot. The coolest drive in car ever made. We ate so much junk food drive in food during the movie! Loaded hotdogs, candy, soda…

Jasmine tea and chopsticks before the deluge of food came. My sister-in-law made me this cake! So sweet! Check out the fondant graduation cap with a tassel and everything. She did such a great job :) To celebrate birthdays and graduation we all went out for Chinese. Legit Chinese. I’ve never seen so much food in my life. We had leftovers for two days!

Hope you all (y’all) are having a great week so far!
Steph xoxo



As of last Thursday, I'm officially a college graduate! Wooo!

My family from Florida came up for the ceremony and to celebrate. It was so fun! The ceremony was pretty short and sweet compared with what I thought it'd be, which was really nice. Afterwards, we went out to lunch at a nice restaurant to celebrate and took pictures outside. It was such a bright, sunny day...perfect!
I can't even believe I'm done. The whole ceremony felt surreal and I don't think it has really hit me that my college career is over. I'm starting to get excited about whatever it is that comes next, though. Who knows what it will look like. I could get a 'real person' job, an internship, a part-time job...there a so many possibilities. 

I'm pressing into the Lord as I apply for things and figure out what to do with myself now. Eddie and I are at a point in our lives where we have very few responsibilities and no babies. We're praying and brainstorming about what to do with this window of time and the rest of our lives, ha. I have to keep reminding myself to cling to the hope and excitement in the possibilities rather than freak myself out about everything being unknown, which I've been more prone to do lately. Thankfully, I have a sweet husband who talks me through it all and hugs me when i get stressed out. I love him.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Steph xo


Captain Cuban-America and Iron Babe

Over the weekend, my family and I drove downtown to the drive-in in Atlanta to see The Avengers. I love that place! If you're ever in Atlanta, I definitely recommend checking it out. You pay $7 a person and two new releases play back to back. So great! 
The weather has been perfect and Friday night was ideal drive-in weather. I was pretty excited to see the movie and apparently so were a bunch of other people...we got there an hour early and the lot was already packed. Not the norm. 
A few weeks ago, Eddie and I found Avenger masks at the supermarket and they're pretty much awesome. We took them to the movie and have dubbed ourselves Capt. Cuban-America and Iron Babe. Ha! Love it.
It was such a fun night and the movie didn't disappoint! Looking forward to the sequel already
Happy Wednesday!
Steph xo

P.S. I graduate tomorrow!! Yessss!