30 Things

Last week, Sarah from Simply Dove tagged me in a post that she wrote! The idea is to post 30 things about yourself so we can get to know each other a little bit better. I love this idea and have had a fun time reading the lists of the other bloggers that were tagged.
So, here’s my list!
1. Jesus follower
2. Newlywed/wife
3. Tea lover
4. Big sister
5. Twenty-three
6. Cereal monster
7. Wannabe gardener
8. Night owl
9. Cuddler
10. Bilingual(ish), working on trilingual
11. North westerner living in the South
12. Creative
13. Ocean fiend
14. Aspiring world traveler
15. Family girl
16. Lover of different cultures
17. Fan of all things BBC/Masterpiece
18. Novice photography
19. Recent college grad
20. Professional sleeper/napper
21. Protective
22. Hopeful
23. Sentimental
24. Pro at being tardy
25. Organized mess
26. Procrastinator
27. Quirky
28. Comfortably awkward
29. Goofy
30. Dark chocoholic

And there you have it! Whew, the list was harder to put together than I initially thought it'd be. Definitely let me know if you write up a list, as well! Thanks again, Sarah, for tagging me!

Steph xoxo


  1. super fun! I saw one other blogger do this and thought it was really cool--I bet it would be more difficult that it seems to be too...I might need to try it! I like your list a lot!

  2. hahh this looks pretty neat! 30 things seem like quite a long list...