Baby Fever

Today, a good friend of mine is going to the hospital to have her first baby! It's been over a week since her due date passed and baby boy is still just hanging out so they're going to induce labor. So exciting! We got some last minute shots of her and her prego belly a few weeks ago. Above is one of the photos that I really like.

I still can't believe that I'm in the stage of life where my friends are starting to have babies of their own. So strange. Eddie and I have decided to wait for a few years before starting a family, but it's hard not to catch baby fever with all the precious babies that seem to be surrounding me! A bunch of people at church have recently had their first babies and our pastor has lovingly dubbed it 'the baby explosion'. What's even stranger to me is that a few couples that got married after Eddie and I are already pregnant and about to have babies! We haven't even been married for a year yet! It's not really that strange. I'm super excited for all of them and look forward to when it's our turn, I just keep forgetting that I'm that old. 23 and old...ha!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I totally identify with the whole "baby fever" things...but mine is mostly fuled by other bloggers andy adorable nieces that sadly live on the other side of the US.
    Alesha <3

  2. You have such wonderful years ahead of you Stephanie! It's really sweet to see you write about something that will be coming your way one day, such new beginnings and excitement...I like seeing your vulnerable heart;)

  3. Ohhh i'm so in that stage with marriages. EVERYONE (it seems) is getting engaged!!

  4. Hi, saw you over at Tico & Tina! It's so hard having baby fever! Haha, our church had a baby explosion recently too. At one point, there were about 20 couples that were on the "Expecting" list. No joke. No pressure though, right? ;)

  5. haha i feel you! crazy how every one I know seems to be having babies!