Captain Cuban-America and Iron Babe

Over the weekend, my family and I drove downtown to the drive-in in Atlanta to see The Avengers. I love that place! If you're ever in Atlanta, I definitely recommend checking it out. You pay $7 a person and two new releases play back to back. So great! 
The weather has been perfect and Friday night was ideal drive-in weather. I was pretty excited to see the movie and apparently so were a bunch of other people...we got there an hour early and the lot was already packed. Not the norm. 
A few weeks ago, Eddie and I found Avenger masks at the supermarket and they're pretty much awesome. We took them to the movie and have dubbed ourselves Capt. Cuban-America and Iron Babe. Ha! Love it.
It was such a fun night and the movie didn't disappoint! Looking forward to the sequel already
Happy Wednesday!
Steph xo

P.S. I graduate tomorrow!! Yessss!


  1. IRONBABE? HAHA! You are way too cool :)

  2. Avengers was so good! Love the superhero nicknames, so great hahaha I'm so jealous, I've always wanted to watch a movie at a drive-in but I don't know any over here in NJ. :c Congrats on your upcoming graduation! That's so exciting :))

  3. oooh, i've ALWAYS wanted to go to the drive in! such a fun southern thing to do... .will need to do it when i get back to texas. pretty sure they don't have any here in england! :) or at least, i wouldn't know how to drive to one in the first place :)