Farewell Lunch

The other day, my mum, sisters, and I went out to lunch with a sweet visiting friend before she flew back home. We went downtown Marietta for lunch and ended up at the cupcake shop afterwards. It was a lot of fun just walking around the square and spending time together. I'm not sure when we'll see our friend again, but hopefully soon! Maybe we'll all take a trip up to visit her this time :) Yesss, please!

I love this photo...freckles and a Coca-cola addiction.
Rocky road cupcake! I love rocky road ice cream. I have such sweet memories of sitting in our friend's kitchen with her boys (aka my brothers) eating mugs of the stuff...picking out the marshmallows first because they're the very best part!
Miss you already, Mama #2!
Steph xoxo

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  1. cupcakes, coffee and coke=perfection! Looked like a lovely afternoon lunch outing.