Madge and Me

Today I got to have lunch with my sister! Maddie is one of my favorite people. We went into the city to check out the newly opened Atlanta Food Truck Park. I was pretty excited about going and it didn't disappoint. Fish tacos, cupcakes, and a fresh blackberry lemonade the size of my head...good stuff. I'm excited to bring Eddie here sometime. I think he'd like it and it'd be a good casual date night place.

I'm glad that I got to spend some time with my lovely sister before the week gets super busy. She's graduating from high school this week (is this real life?!) and a bunch of people that we love are coming into town and she'll be all over the place.

I can't believe my baby sister is graduating high school! She also got her braces off yesterday which makes her look even more grown up. And even more beautiful! I can't handle it! I'm glad she's going to a school close by for a little bit at least. 

I have such separation anxiety with my family! Maybe I'll have to fight that at some point but until then, I'm going to take full advantage of them all being so close by. I'm super thankful that my family is so close and that we actually want to hang out with each other :)

Steph xoxo


  1. very true, theres nothing quite like family <3

  2. I got to eat at a food truck for the first time in my life last week (I've always wanted to ever since I saw them through blog land, ha ha) and I totally forgot to take a picture to blog about it! Lame.
    But family time is the BEST!

  3. The lemonade sounds sooo refreshing! I love the concept of food trucks. Need to find one of those parks around here!