Back Home + Sweet Video

Well, we are back from our weekend trip to Miami! It was a really good trip, full of people, new and old, a surprise party, sight seeing, and plenty of rain. Photos and stories to come but first I want to share this video that I came across today.

The organization Not For Sale is starting it's first ever company with the purpose of creating jobs in the Peruvian Amazon. The area in the video, Madre de Dios, was in the news this past year when about 200 trafficked women and children were rescued from a local brothel. The people don't have the resources to provide for themselves so traffickers have been able to come in and take advantage of the population through forced labor and prostitution.

The company, Rebbl, is a tea company that will be sourcing ingredients from the Amazon in an attempt to provide jobs and steady income to the people there. A percentage of the profits will also be poured back into the local economy. This effort will help to significantly reduce the risk of trafficking by providing realistic alternatives to jobs offered by those who would like to take advantage of the situation and exploit the people. I'm pretty excited about this idea and definitely want to support the company as it launches! Check out the video:


  1. def enjoyed this post that you shared!!
    such a gr8 cause and a gr8 idea!
    i did not even know that there were such things going on! so glad you taught me something new today :-)


    1. Isn't it a cool idea?! I'm glad I got to share it with you!