Best Sushi Ever + Pier Date

After a full day of exploring Cumberland Island, we went back to the house, got cleaned up, and went out to find dinner. Recently, my sister-in-law and I showed Eddie that, contrary to his previous beliefs, sushi is actually pretty amazing. Since then, he’s become quite hooked. We drove past a sushi place on our way into town the night before and decided to head there for dinner.
Oh my gosh, it was the best sushi place ever! First of all, just let me say that I could eat dumplings all day long. All day long. Second, how cool does the sushi plate look?! Yummm.
Complimentary chocolate tiramisu. Need I say more? I think not. Pretty much a perfect meal. Eddie loved it so much that he contemplated going back for lunch the next day, haha. Great anniversary dinner :)
After we got back from dinner, we decided to head over to the pier to hang out. We drove the golf cart about a quarter of the way before the cart started lagging and slowing down…apparently it was not quite charged. So, we quickly turned around and headed back to the house before we got stuck in the middle of the road with a dead golf cart. It was still pretty fun goofing off with the golf cart though! In the end, we took the car instead.
Oh, my poor red sunburned nose!
It was a beautiful night out! We took root beer and ice cream and made root beer floats once we got settled. We have such happy memories of coming to the pier the year before with friends after taking our engagement photos. It was fun to go just the two of us. Eddie was getting pretty eaten up by mosquitoes so we didn’t stay terribly long. Good new memories, though :)

I love him.