On our way home from our anniversary trip, Eddie and I drove up to Brunswick to visit some friends for the night. Our friends played important roles in our wedding…he was the pastor that married us and she led worship during the ceremony…so it seemed quite fitting to hang out with them during our trip.

It was so good to catch up with them and see where they’re living! They live in this super cozy older house that is literally exactly the kind of house I’d want to own. Old hardwood floors, lots of windows, and plenty of open space. It reminded me of the little old house that Eddie and a group of guys lived in when Eddie and I started dating. Best house ever.

We did so much in the short time that we were there! The night we arrived, we talked, met some new friends, and went out for some more sushi! Can’t hate that. We got to see the most beautiful view of the full moon over the marsh.

The next day, we all slept in and then walked to the little downtown area for lunch. It was so quiet and quaint. We went to a tasty pizza shop that makes specialty pizzas. Afterwards, we walked around an antique store full of European goodies.

In the midst of all the fun, we totally forgot to get any actual pictures of our friends or their sweet house! Oh well. We’ll just have to visit again! :) I seriously loved visiting them and can’t wait to see them again. Until next time…

Steph xo


  1. Great Pictures ,the Food looks delicious :)


  2. My goodness what a beautiful looking area. Spending time with friends in their home town is always the best as you can bond with them and relate a bit more. That antique shop looks supre cute! :D

    1. It was gorgeous! And yeah, it's nice being able to picture where they are when we talk now :)