Coffee Date + Goodbyes

Earlier this week, I met up with some good friends for coffee. My friend, Lauren, was visiting town and this was the last time I'd see her before her family moves across the country. Rather, they're moving back across the country. We grew up together on the West Coast, both of our families ended up relocating to the South, and now, after a decade or so, they're heading back west. It'll be strange not having them within easy visiting distance. I'm happy that we have skype and such, though, and I fully intend to have internet tea parties with her and her sister!
My other lovely friend, Kate, will be relocating elsewhere in the coming months, as well. Gah! Everyone's moving away! Well, now I'll just have an excuse to visit two new places! I'm a fan of that :)
All in all, the day was a lot of fun...talking, enjoying the river, and dancing away from swimming snakes. Haha :) Good farewell memories.

I've been blessed with good friends. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. Lovely Pictures! Both look gorgeous :)

    Wish you a happy Day!