Engagement Photos

During our time in St. Mary's a few weekends ago, I thought a lot about the last time we'd visited. We went a few weeks after Eddie and I got engaged to take our engagement photos with some friends. One of Eddie's friends/roommates, Yo Han, was a photographer and he offered to take our photos. He also photographed our actual engagement! Sneaky man...
On the trip to St. Mary's, we stayed for three days, visiting various beaches and pretty places around the area. Yo Han got so many good shots! He's an amazing photographer and has only improved since this trip a year and a half ago.

Also on the trip with us were Eddie's sister and her boyfriend. I seriously love those people! It was so fun to have them with us, too. Right now these two and Yo Han are all away from Atlanta...Yo Han moved back to Korea, Eddie's sister is on the other side of the country doing a summer internship, and her boyfriend got a job out of state. I miss them all! Happily, my awesome sister-in-law will be back in just a few months :)

Here are some of my favorite engagement shots:

Such sweet memories! And the photos turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined.
Steph xo


  1. THe big heart on the beach is SUCH a cute idea! All of these are lovely! x

  2. these are absolutely stunning photos...you look beautiful! you guys look so happy together :)

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I think I like the ones in the field, the heart one on the beach, and the beachy sunset ones (love the beach). I can't wait to take engagement photos one day!!!

  4. Oh my word, you guys are the cutest! I love the one with the trees & the one with the clouds :) However, they all look stunning!

  5. Congratulations!! What sweet photos.

  6. Congratulations these photos are gorgeous! You both look so happy and the shots are great. Definatly something to show the grandkids ;-)