Land of 1000 Hills Coffee

Yesterday morning, Maddie and I got up to check out a local coffee shop and to spend some time reading or, in her case, working on a scholarship essay. We went to Land of 1000 Hills Coffee on the Chattahoochee River. I’d been to their other location several times and wanted to check this one out, having heard all sorts of good things about it. It was sort of tricky to find because it’s located in the back of an apartment complex. You have to be buzzed in through the front gate in order to get there, which was why Eddie and I couldn’t find it when we attempted to visit one night a while back.

I’m so glad Maddie and I found it yesterday, though! The location is amazing! We got our usuals, tea for me, Coke for Maddie, and found a table outside on the porch. From there we had a gorgeous view of the river. It was so quiet and peaceful, watching the ducks, geese, and the occasional kayaker float down the river.
This squirrel kept coming up to our table looking for food! I loved it and took a bunch of photos. Maddie, however, was convinced he would attack if he got too close and made sure he kept his distance. Oh, sister.
This was the perfect place to get out of the apartment for a while, get quiet, and read. This week I’ve been reading the book of James and there’s so much to meditate on and pray about in this short book! For example, “As the body without the Spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” James 2:26. That verse alone is a kick in the face!

This is definitely my new favorite coffee shop. Aside from the fantastic location and view, I’m also a fan of the company’s business practices. The majority of the coffee is sourced from Rwanda by the owner himself and all of it is fair trade. Their motto is ‘Drink coffee. Do good.’ My biggest qualm with Starbucks while I worked there for two years was their lack of fair trade coffees and such so this makes my heart happy.

I can’t wait to bring Eddie here…he’d so love it!


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  1. It looks so calm and relaxing. The views are gorgeous

    Laura x