Film: Summer 2012

Well, Summer is finally winding down in Atlanta and Fall is slowly taking over. The mornings are getting chillier and the leaves are already starting to fall. The transition to the new season has been a good one...things feel like their finally beginning to move and shift after months of feeling stagnant. I know this 'season' has been for a reason but I'm quite ready to move on to a new one. I'm excited to see what the next few months bring. Not at all sure what to expect but I'm trusting the Lord in that.

I spent so much time in my little porch garden this summer. I got a bunch of plants from various people and my sweet love bought me an awesome little table and chairs. I don't think I came inside for like a week afterwards, ha! It's been the perfect space for my quiet times and processing all that's been going on in life. Also spent time reading, writing, eating, watching the birds...I've totally loved even just having a place to get out of the apartment for a while (barely, but still. It counts!).
I shot almost an entire roll of film of just my porch. I want to remember the time I spent out there and I love the way that film captured it. The film photos aren't as clean as digital ones and this makes them feel more realistic and evokes different, more personal memories.

Wrote a handful of letters to my sister while she was away for the summer. I love snail mail!
I discovered cold brewed tea this summer and drank so much iced tea that I now have a slight caffeine problem, ha.
Sweet memories. Looking forward to making more this Fall and being able to drink hot tea and cider out there!



  1. autumn + hot tea/chocolate + a great book + cozy and knitted clothes + big scarfs & socks =best thing ever!

  2. your pictures look beautiful :)

  3. These photos are beautiful! WOW. Oh, how I love that grain.

  4. ah I LOVE film, and all these turned out so pretty :)

    I especially love the 4th one. Truly beautiful.

  5. The fall is my favorite. Who says we have to give up cold brewed tea because it's chilly out?!

  6. I definitely know how you feel when life seems stagnant, but you just remain faithful. Like you said, just trust in the Lord as He leads you in and through a new season. Psalm 9:10 has always been a lovely reminder of God's faithfulness. Keep seeking and keep inspiring, Steph!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


  7. i'm like that too, i like to just rest and capture the moments, ...when you said that about the roll of film. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time out there---new season upon us, i've been baking a lot, have you!?

  8. How beautiful and peaceful is that porch garden! It looks fantastic. I've never had cold tea before it really looks refreshing. I've been drinking tons of hot tea, and it'd be awesome to make my own! Hope you're getting to enjoy your porch still as it's getting colder! Apple cider hits the spot too!!

    perfectly priya

  9. so beautiful!
    your pictures make me smile. and they remind me of good day. that life is great. love the energy they send