Little Tidbits of Life via Instagram

1. Glasses shopping with my love // Our church moved to a sweet new building! Random bus near the property:)
2. Explored Grant Park...tried a new coffee shop and walked around Oakland Cemetary
3. Hiked Kennesaw Mountain a couple times. Can't wait for the leaves to start changing!
4. Discovered a new favorite bakery // Coffee hour with Mama and Court
5. Got my summer film developed // Midnight donut run with our buddies
6. Park time with my family // Breakfast in bed for Eddie's birthday!
7. Peaches and peach tea...last bits of summer // Wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law
8. Getting ready for a job interview! // My man worked over 14 hours in one day helping my dad work on the house. He's amazing :)

My in-laws are in town for the weekend! It already feels like it should be Friday. But without a job or any sort of schedule, everyday feels like in could be Friday. Or Tuesday. Or Thursday. I lose track of the days a lot.

Hope you all are having a good week xo


  1. That old bus is AWESOME! I dream of having a hippie bus, and that comes pretty close. Also love the donut pictures! And those dresses are gorgeous, how fun that you could go shopping with her!

    perfectly priya

  2. loving these instagram pics!!! i LOVE instagram way more than any other social media site!! i guess it is just being able to take a look into other ppls lives...


  3. nice photos!
    I love your blog!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. very cool pics--a fun variety! I'm on IG I should look you up:)

  5. love your pictures!!!!
    seriously. love love them. i'm so glad i found you