Mercier Orchards

Last month, the family took a day trip to Blue Ridge to check out Mercier Orchards and go apple picking. It was a little more than an hour away which made it a perfect mini getaway. The orchard has been open since 1943 and was pretty amazing! They have a sweet bakery and cafe, as well as a huge general store that sells pretty much every apple product known to man. Apple cider, tarts, pies, wine, butter, candy, bread…it was serious. We ate lunch at the cafe and wandered around the store for quite some time.
After a while, we rode out to the orchard and meandered through the apple trees, tasting as we went. In order to decide what kind of apples you want to take home, the owners suggest you try each type before you pick a bunch. So pretty much, we wandered around munching on freshly picked apples the whole time. It was so fun and the whole experience has made me semi obsessed with apples, ha. The orchard has over sixty different varieties of apples and I think we only tried about six of them. I'd definitely love to go back again next year!
Isn't the view gorgeous? I can't even imagine how it must look now that all of the trees are changing colors.

IMG_8803  IMG_8785


IMG_8834  IMG_8840


IMG_8859  IMG_8828



IMG_8910  IMG_8916
I was so in awe of how many apples grew on each little tree! I just walked around, amazed at the simplicity of it all. It was such a mind-clearing and calming day. Eventually, we filled our bags to the brim with apples and headed back to the general store to pick up some more goodies.IMG_8911
Handsome stud. He took most of the photos that day but I had to get some of him, too!
The shop had the best cider ever! We took a jug home but it didn't last very long...we devoured it within a few days. If you're ever in North Georgia I definitely recommend checking this place out!
I also shot some film on our trip so those photos will probably make their way on here at some point, too.



  1. those apples look so pretty! especially the ones on the trees... the color make it look fake. :)

  2. Hi Steph! I was able to spend last Thanksgiving in Blue Ridge, GA, and I totally went to Mercier!! My friend Julie and her family (who I stayed with) have been going there since it was a teeny orchard! I absolutely loved it, those friend pies, yum! Also, you have such a great looking family! Looks like a fun trip. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    perfectly priya

  3. Hi! I'm Rachael, the Social Media Coordinator at Mercier Orchards. What a great post! Your photos are charming and it seems like everyone had a great time! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience in the Orchards. Maybe we'll see you again in the future!