PCB: Instax

This weekend, Eddie and I drove down with my family to my Grandparents' house in Florida. I was excited to be able to go and take Eddie because he'd never been. I hadn't even been since we started dating three years ago so I was looking forward to going, too. As soon as we got there, a wave of memories flooded over me. It was strange to be somewhere that I hadn't visited for a few life seasons and for it to be so very familiar. I'm quite thankful that we got to go, even if it was for a short time!
Our trip consisted of catching up, relaxing, exploring familiar places, and having a mini Christmas celebration since they won't be coming up to Atlanta this year. It was a sweet little trip packed full of family time...and a lot of amazing food :)
I've been carrying around our Instax camera lately and took a handful of photos during our trip. I love watching them slowly develop and seeing the permanent memory that they each hold. The tree in front of my Grandparents' house where my sisters and cousins used to play, my handsome man, family, special spots on the beach...they feel like instant keepsakes.

Looking forward to going back again!


Christmas Time is here...

It finally started to feel like Christmas time this past week! With the weather being so unseasonably warm, it's been feeling more like September than December, so I decided to do some Christmasy things to usher in the season over here. I started by spending an afternoon at my parents' house baking and decorating gingerbread cookies. The smell alone brings back happy holiday memories!

Later on in the week, Eddie and I got our tree and got it all decked out. My Aunt has a tradition of giving everyone a new ornament every year so I have quite the stash of ornaments. It's so fun to go through them and remember past Christmas memories and such! Plus, our apartment is starting to smell like pine and I loooooveee it! 
Later on, I used a few extra tree branches to make a wreath for the door. The apartment is officially in Christmas mode! Happiness!

Hope you're having a sweet holiday season!