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The past few months flew by like crazy! Here's a "quick" summary of what's been going on since the beginning of December:

- Eddie and I visited a friend in Knoxville. We went to a sweet street market and has a lot of fun, even if we were only there for a short time.

- Christmas happened! Eddie and I got a tree, we hung out with my family a lot, and spent Christmas day at their house. Side note: my man is a total stud.

- Maddie and I took my cousin, Crystal, to our favorite coffee shop before she left for home.

- Eddie, my Dad, sister, and I went to the Urbana Missions Conference in St. Louis! Eddie and I first started really talking at the last Urbana, three years ago, so it was sweet to go with him again. My Dad and sister went, too, and the week was a blast, to say the least! We brought in the New Year at the last conference session, worshiping Jesus and dancing. Best way to start the New Year!

- Came home from Urbana with lots of notes and things to process through. So good!

- Eddie and I celebrated our three year dating anniversary. Can't believe that it's already been that long!

- Eddie and I both got sick on our way home from St. Louis. Ick. We were knocked out for almost a week with some sort of bug. We enjoyed a lot of sleep and a few days of doing absolutely nothing but resting and reading.

- I worked at AmericasMart during the January show. After being sick, it was quite the whirlwind of a job but I'm thankful for it.

- My grandparents gave Eddie and I tickets to a Brian Regan show for Christmas so we went and saw him! He was hilarious! Love that guy. We were laughing the entire time!

- I attended a Human Trafficking Forum in Atlanta with Not For Sale Georgia. So good to see organizations in the city and throughout the country working together to combat the issue.

- The South has been a rainy blob for the last two months! Dreary. If we ever move somewhere where the weather is consistently like this all year round (ahem), I'll need to work on preventing the weather from affecting my mood so horribly!

- One of Eddie's buddies got us tickets to an NBA game in Atlanta! We had a sweet date day downtown and saw the Timberwolves vs. the Hawks. I love spending the day with my man :)

- As usual, I've been drinking an inordinate amount of tea. Pictured: jasmine green tea pearls.

- We've been going through the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my family. After seeing The Hobbit last month, Eddie and I found out that my family had never seen the trilogy. Needless to say, we have remedied that. We've watched the first two movies so far and my Dad is just finishing up the last book in the series.

- My sisters and I had breakfast with Judy, an out of town friend! She hung out with us a lot before she got married and moved away. We miss her and it was so fun to get together with her and try out a new restaurant in Atlanta!

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  1. Hi Steph! Thanks for all your sweet comments! I don't know how I didn't see this post earlier. I kinda love Instagram updates because its a thorough snapshot update! Cool you got to be at Urbana, especially because you and Eddie met (?) there! Awesome. My sister went several years ago and I think really enjoyed it. Right there with you drinking tea! Cannot get enough!

    perfectly priya