Birthday Weekend Recap

The weekend started off with date night with my man! We had a gift card to Longhorn Steakhouse (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) and finally got to use it. One burger, a steak, two sides of fries, and the biggest chocolate dessert known to man later, we were quite happily stuffed. I love spending time with this handsome guy!
The rainy Saturday morning started off with sister/puppy cuddles and tea. Eddie had his BAM (business as missions) group so I spent some time with my favorite women, snuggling, talking, and trying not to fall back asleep.
Once the rain wore off, my Mum and I headed over to the Marietta Square Farmers Market. We walked around the booths, got a few things, and discovered a Parisian restaurant that's hidden on the back side of the square. Turns out the restaurant is owned by an older French gentleman and has been there for 26+ years. I love stumbling upon places like this! We ended up having a little pre-birthday meal, just my mom and I. 
My love got me a new laptop for my birthday and I'm in love with it! I can do so many things in a fraction of the time that it would've taken on my old laptop, just because it was so outdated. It would literally take me hours to edit photos on my old one so I avoided blogging and posting photos. No more! Thank you, baby :)
The message at church on Sunday was pretty much an extended version of this post that I wrote last week. Such a good word at the perfect time and I'm so thankful for the way the Lord works. Thinking about the theme of suffering this week as it leads up to Easter. 
After church, some of the family got together for  brunch to celebrate my birthday! My mom gave me my old charm bracelet with a few new charms. Looking through all the charms brings back so many memories!
I love that the whole weekend was full of family time, a lot of rest, and so much good food. Perfect birthday weekend! So thankful for my 24 years and excited to see what happens this coming year!

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  1. Happy belated birthday Steph! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend with family. These pictures are gorgeous, I especially love the one with the windows open and the white comforter...looks SO peaceful and nice, like the perfect morning! New computer! How exciting! Mine has almost survived college and then I think it's on it's way out too!

    perfectly priya