Travels: Blue Ridge + The Wee House

Over the weekend, Eddie and I went on a mini vacation to the North Georgia Mountains. We wanted to get out of the apartment for a few days, relax, and spend some time hiking. The other main purpose of our trip was to retreat and spend time with the Lord without so many distractions in our face all the time. We both love being out in the woods and surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness, so I started looking for something up in the mountains.
I found an adorable little cabin in the woods via Airbnb.com that looked like the perfect place to spend the weekend. It definitely exceeded our expectations! It was very basic and cozy with wood plank floors, walls, and ceilings and windows on every side. We were convinced that we wanted to return in the future after only ten minutes of being there!
We drove up to the cabin on Friday night. The owners of the cabin live in a house on the property and greeted us with homemade blueberry muffins. Sooo good! We munched on the muffins all weekend long. Our hosts were an older couple who retired up in the mountains and they are super hospitable and encouraging. Meeting them definitely added to the sweetness of our trip.
Friday night, Eddie and I got settled, munched on some muffins and tea, and just relaxed. I love getting away and just hanging out with my love. In the midst of schedules, work, and the busyness of life, we don't always just get to enjoy each others company. It was so good to have nothing to do but rest and explore.
The next morning, we were greeted by sunshine at every angle. We woke up slowly and eventually got up to start breakfast and make tea. I came fully prepared with more food than we needed and a few different recipes to try. We made avocado and egg breakfast pizza together. I love cooking with my man! This is one of my favorite recipes right now because it's so easy to make. It was a perfect pre-hike meal, too, since it's so hearty.
My tea travel necessities may or may not be a little on the excessive side.
After breakfast, we got some stuff together and headed out to explore the area. Our first stop was the Blue Ridge Dam. There wasn't a whole lot to see but the view of the lake and the mountains was gorgeous.
Next, we started towards the hiking trails that one of our hosts recommended. He drew this map for Eddie from memory. Pretty impressive! We crossed the Georgia-Tennessee border and entered into the Cherokee National Forest.

We ended up doing about a six mile hike and had the trail mostly to ourselves the whole time. We came across a handful of bikers along the way but no other hikers. We got to just walk and talk, think and breathe a little bit. With Spring still on its way, the trail was pretty barren and dry. The snow had just recently left the area and it looked like the path had just been cleared, leaving lots of dead trees and branches on the sides of the path. Eddie, being the boy man that he is, used his bamboo walking stick as some sort of ninja weapon, clearing any branches or obstructions along the way. I enjoy him so much!
Semi awkward self-timer photo :)
At one point during our hike, I mentioned that I was craving Cuban food. Eddie said I was in luck because our host, after learning that Eddie's Cuban, mentioned that there is a Cuban restaurant in the little downtown area. Win! Once we were finished hiking, we headed over to the restaurant to check it out. The city that it was in is on the literal border of Tennessee and Georgia, so in some of the restaurants you can eat in Tennessee and pay in Georgia! The Cuban restaurant was quaint and our food was tasty. After being spoiled by Eddie's family's cooking, I wasn't super amazed, but it hit the spot. They even had guava and cheese pastries! I was a pretty happy girl.
After we ate, we wandered around the main street of the city and got some homemade fudge for the road. Muffins, pastries, and now fudge...I love this place! Our hosts recommended that we check out an overlook off of the interstate to get a good view of the sunset, so we went there next.
We had an hour or so before the sun was going to set, so we walked around a little bit, read, prayed, and talked. I was tired and was starting to think we should just skip it and head back to the cabin. But then the sunset began and it was beyond beautiful! Rays of light shone up, over, and through the mountains, creating a sort of shimmery haze over the trees and the river below. As you can imagine, these pictures don't even begin to do it justice. For the next thirty minutes, the scene only got more and more beautiful until it slowly faded, leaving the mountains a faded shade of purple. It was the perfect ending to our day of exploring!
Eddie chose a polenta recipe for dinner and it was really tasty and filling. I love pretty much anything corn related and this was no exception. Eddie always picks the best food and recipes! The rest of the evening consisted of tea, a faux fireplace, goofing off, and some good rest.
We headed home early the next afternoon, after an encouraging conversation with our hosts. I would definitely go back again, just to spend some time with these folks! On our way home, we stopped at Mercier Orchards to get some cider and snacks. We went apple picking here last fall and I was pretty excited that it was close by on the route home. Stopping into the general store was the icing on the cake of our trip!
I'm so thankful that we got to take this trip, just Eddie and I. It helped create a little space in our heads to think and be still for a while. It was the mini retreat from the hustle and bustle of life and work that we needed and God's fingerprints were all over it. He answered my prayer to find the perfect place to stay in a way that I never could have planned. We both look forward to going back up to the Wee House again in the future. I miss it (and the muffins) already!



  1. lovely post. you seemed to captured great moments. the tea sounds delish too. :) thank you for your entry on my tea giveaway as well. i loved your comment! xx

  2. This seems like the most perfect getaway! Love this adorable cabin, and seems like you had plenty of time to relax, think, and enjoy some yummy food! I would love to do something like this! Hiking all day and then relaxing at night sounds amazing right about now. I think I mentioned to you before that I got to spend last Thanksgiving in Blue Ridge and I loved it! Definitely very cozy. Glad you got to cross the border into TN too! Great pictures!

    perfectly priya

    1. Thanks, Priya! I def recommend doing something like this if you can! Hopefully your spring break trip hit the spot!

  3. such a lovely post.. siuch a wonderful getaway!

  4. Great post babe :). It's going to be great looking back at this years from now. Really summed up the trip perfectly. Send the link to the blog to Mina and Geoff too, bet they would love to read it.

    FYI - Maybe link the recipe... cause people must eat it. so delicious.

    1. Thanks, my love :) That recipe was soooo goooood. Maybe I'll make it for dinner tomorrow...