Piedmont Green Market

Last weekend, some friends, family, and I went to check out the farmer's market at Piedmont Park. The park is gorgeous right now! I hope we get to spend a good chunk of time there this season!
The market had plenty of booths and food trucks to peruse and it was pretty busy. We ate samples and bought coffee and some veggies. The booth owners that we spoke with were friendly and funny. One dude got us to come to his booth by asking, "Want a carrot?" with a carrot in his outstretched hand. Quirky guy, for sure, but we did end up buying some carrots, so...
Sister love xo
Maddie + Kaitlyn being goofy, as usual!
We all munched on pizza for lunch and sat around talking for a bit. These women are some of the funniest that I know and I'm so thankful that we got to hang out for the morning!
This is one of my new fav photos of us!
I'll definitely be visiting the farmers market again soon! Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!



  1. that looks so fun! i love farmer market. you definitely has the nicest weather. all of that, plus family. what can be more perfect?

  2. the photos are lovely and everything looks super fun! and I love your outfit btw :)

  3. Love farmer's markets! And one outside? winning.

  4. that looks like so much fun. :) love that it's in so much open space!