Sweet Saturday

This week was a coffee sort of week. Busy and full of good things and good news but not a lot of rest. I'm pretty pumped that it's finally the weekend!

Today is going to consist of getting myself organized and reoriented before this next week full of work arrives. Errands, social media scheduling, laundry...and probably a nap in there somewhere.

My goals for next week: to live each day on purpose. To get up every day ready to be intentional with my day, my time, and my personal interactions whether it be at home, work, or wherever. To be okay with being tired if it means I'm doing meaningful things instead of sleeping that extra hour. One day at a time.

Short, sweet, and simple.



Morning Runs

For the last two weeks or so, some of my fam and I have been going for early morning, pre-work runs by the river. I am not a morning person. At all. But I love these mornings. I get to spend some time with my favorites, we get to the trail before it's too busy or too hot, and the area is gorgeous. Whether we run in the sunshine or get stuck in a torrential summer morning downpour, it starts the day off way better than if I were to just stay in bed.
Thankful for these mornings and these people. Happy Wednesday!



Summer Evenings

Tonight, I spent the evening out on my porch surrounded by plants, listening to the birds, and enjoying the cooler part of the day with a citronella candle lit, cold-brewed iced coffee in one hand, and a tea magazine in the other. I borrowed a small stash of these magazines from my Mum and am finally going through them. The photos are captivating and the articles are good refreshers for things I've already learned and full of new things that I haven't.

Sweet summer evening. May there be many more like this one.


Back Again

In the last few months, the busyness of life meant that blogging fell to the wayside. But now it's time to get back into the swing of posting so expect a handful (or more) of catch up posts! Trips, tea time, life changes...

Here are a few Insta photos from my blogging break!
Baby time // Trip to Miami // GTRI day at Six Flags // Family time // Coffee dates by the river // Plenty of porch time // Dates with my man // Day trip to Chattanooga for tea // NBA finals! // Donuts with my sister // Sister-in-law's graduation // Farmer's market goodies

Until the next post...

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