Sweet Saturday

This week was a coffee sort of week. Busy and full of good things and good news but not a lot of rest. I'm pretty pumped that it's finally the weekend!

Today is going to consist of getting myself organized and reoriented before this next week full of work arrives. Errands, social media scheduling, laundry...and probably a nap in there somewhere.

My goals for next week: to live each day on purpose. To get up every day ready to be intentional with my day, my time, and my personal interactions whether it be at home, work, or wherever. To be okay with being tired if it means I'm doing meaningful things instead of sleeping that extra hour. One day at a time.

Short, sweet, and simple.



  1. every once in a while we need that sleeping time. all i've been doing in the weekend was sleeping. you deserve it.

  2. Hi Steph! Sorry I haven't been by in forever, and I wanted to say thank you for all the sweet comments around my graduation!

    I love what you said about living each day on purpose. Such a great reminder! I'm not currently working during the day so the temptation to just snooze is so great, but I'm trying, trying to get up and get going! I love the phrase "being intentional with your day". Awesome. Hope you are doing just great!

    perfectly priya