Chattanooga: The Camp House

On our day trip to Chattanooga, my sisters, mom, and I stumbled upon what may be my new favorite coffee shop. After meandering through an antique store behind the tea shop, we noticed a tiny sign that read 'Coffee Bar Open' and went over to check it out.
We open the door and walk into this large, renovated warehouse space with skylights and gorgeous brick walls. Coffee house heaven, you guys. I love stumbling upon awesome new places like this! Turns out the place is an Anglican church on Sunday and is open as a coffee shop during the week. And they serve Counter Culture Coffee! 
Maddie grooving to the music
Even though we had just finished having tea, I couldn't leave this sweet space without getting something, so I got a decaf americano for the road. 
I'm now looking for any reason to head up to Chatty to hang out at this place. Definitely check it out if you're in the city!



  1. gosh, coffee house heave - i'm sold.

  2. yayy Tennessee! You always seem to find the coolest places wherever you go, and this little coffee shop sounds delightful!

    thanks for following along with my blog Twitter as well :)

    perfectly priya