Summer Time

This summer has been packed full of activity! We've been working, traveling a little, spending time with family, and doing a few of our traditional summer activities. Six Flags? Check. Braves game? Check. Stone Mountain? Double check. Here's a quick list of the major events of the past few months. I hope to get around to posting on a few of these but we'll see how it goes:

- I started a new part-time job at an Asian-style tea shop downtown.
- Took a day trip to Chattanooga to have tea with my mom and sisters for a belated Mother's Day date.
- Eddie and I took a weekend trip to Miami for my sister-in-law's wedding shower. So much food and so many babies!
- I went to Panama City to visit family for a weekend.
- Eddie and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Time flies, you guys!
- My sister-in-law got married! We had family and friends visiting the week before and after the wedding. It was so much fun and Damaris was a gorgeous bride! 
- We spent a few days with some good friends that were in town for the wedding. We got to show them around Atlanta and took a day trip up to the mountains to go rafting.
- Not For Sale Georgia, the anti-trafficking organization that I volunteer with, had a few events this summer that went really well!
- Eddie and I are moving downtown at the end of the month so we've begun the packing process. Or rather, we've begun grouping our things into 'sell it', 'store it', and 'take it' piles so that packing and moving will go smoothly. There's a lot left to do, though!

That is a very brief overview of life lately, but, for the sake of actually posting something, we'll leave it at that for now.



  1. Oh, I love moving but I always hate packing and sorting..it takes soo much time!

  2. How is it working for a tea shop? I love tea and there is the most adorable tea shop here in Austin that I thought about applying to.