Chattanooga: The English Rose

Earlier this Summer, my sisters and I took my Mom on a belated Mother's Day trip to Tennessee. One of our favorite tea shops, The English Rose, is downtown Chattanooga so we drove up for afternoon tea!
While the tea and snacks are always delicious, my favorite part about teatime is that it's a time set aside for conversation. I got to spend an hour or two sitting with three of my favorite women on the planet. We talked, snacked, drank a few pots of tea and just enjoyed each others company. 
I so adore these ladies!


  1. what a nice thing to do on your mom's birthday. i love that tea (or in my case, coffee) conversation brings people closer

  2. This places looks fantastic!! I love tea and I have visited one "tea house" kinda like this, such a sweet place. I'm sure this was a lovely trip to spend with your favorite people! Just enjoying conversation and company like this is so nice and so rare! I would love to see the posts about the rest of your summer adventures (though, if you're moving, you may be a tad busy!)

    perfectly priya