Celebrating My Love

Yesterday was Eddie's birthday! We spent the day eating, going to church, eating, exploring the city, hanging out...and eating. It was a really relaxing, fun day of celebrating Eddie and all that he is. I'm so thankful for him. The longer we're married, the more I know about him and the more I love him. Can't imagine life without this man!

Here's a quick rundown of our day and the yumminess that it contained!
Breakfast: whole wheat + Nutella waffles with homemade maple syrup, chocolate chips, and blueberries. The weather was gorgeous so we ate out on the back porch in the heat. Taking advantage of the space before it starts to get cold out!

Recently, my cousin brought us some homemade maple syrup from my uncle's farm in Ohio and I've been looking for any excuse to make waffles or pancakes so we can use it! It's thinner and a little less sweet than store bought syrup, which I love.
Lunch: After church, we had brunch at a local restaurant called Parish with my family. Since moving downtown, Eddie and I have been exploring the area and checking out local restaurants. This place has a southern version of Eggs Benedict, burgers, fresh madeleines...it was pretty tasty!
Dinner: Homemade polenta + shrimp + bacon + parmesan cheese. Eddie gave this meal a 10/10! I combined two recipes to make it (one, two) and it turned out really well. The sweetness of the fresh-off-the-cob corn plus the saltiness of the shrimp cooked with bacon made for a really rich and flavorful meal. Definitely saving this one!
Wrapped up the night with chocolate chip cookies! I wasn't joking when I said we ate all day long. We spent the evening in the new house, not unpacking for a change. Just cooking, goofing off, and enjoying the last of the day. Loved celebrating my man and his life!

Love you, Eddie xo


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  1. happy birthday Eddie!!!
    that breakfast alone is already a champion. great treat to celebrate a birthday