The Girl with a Pearl Earring + Date with Mum

A few weeks ago, before the moving frenzy began, my Mom and I went to an event at the High Museum of Art downtown Atlanta. The museum is currently hosting a collection of paintings from the Mauritshuis, the Royal Art Museum in the Netherlands. The main feature of the exhibit is the famous Dutch painting by Johannes Vermeer called the Girl with a Pearl Earring. In honor of the artist, the event was called Vermeer with a Schmear. The museum, which usually opens at ten, opened the exhibit at eight and served bagels with cream cheese and coffee. All of this and the tickets were half price! Win.
I was really looking forward to going to the event and it didn't disappoint! It was a good excuse to get up and get downtown early on my day off and was such a fun thing to do with my Mom! The coffee and bagels were very filling and the museum wasn't crowded at all. Best of all, the art was amazing. The paintings and the history behind them was incredible. We saw 30+ paintings by a variety of Dutch painters, including Vermeer and Rembrandt. I would definitely recommend the exhibit and would go again if I had the chance!
After leaving the museum, my Mum and I wandered through a couple of shops downtown before meeting up with Eddie for lunch in our new neighborhood. It was such a sweet way to end the morning and a great way to kick off our move into the city! Eddie and I began moving that afternoon and finally turned in the keys to the apartment this past weekend.
Here's to many more city adventures!

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