Snow Days

Round two of the Atlanta snowstorms is starting to wrap up. The snow and sleet that fell over the last few nights is melting and sliding off of the roof in big bunches. Two days of snow meant two days of no work and I didn't mind it a bit. Eddie worked from home and our housemates were home for the most part, as well.
A few highlights from our days stuck in the house:
- Tackling my to-do lists rather than going to work.
- Reading a few books that I'm trying to finish.
- Watching the Winter Olympics.
- Tea and coffee for two days straight.
- Impromptu movie night with my love.
- We have a beautiful view of a handful of huge trees from our bedroom window and every naked branch was lined with snow this morning. 
- Eddie woke me up this morning with a warm chocolate croissant and a cup of milk. He got up before he had to work to loves me
- Seeing Eddie throughout the day. I love having him home!
- Hanging with our roommates. Pizza night tonight!


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