Room Details

I took a few photos of our bedroom after cleaning it over the weekend. Because we share a house, our bedroom is the only room that we can really customize on our own. I love the details spread around the room that make our space so personal. Instax photos of our wedding day, people we love, and places we've traveled. Visual encouragements and little trinkets that we've gathered over the last few years.

 I'm so thankful for this space and the beautiful light that it gets during the day. I plan on living with the windows wide open once the warm weather is here to stay!



Iced Chai + Salted Oatmeal Cookies with Dark Chocolate

Lately I've been experimenting with homemade spiced chai recipes. I've made a handful of small batches, adding and subtracting different spices, testing different kinds of milk, and playing around with steeping methods. This weekend, I made a fresh batch and I think I'm quite close to perfecting the recipe! I'll post my version as soon as I nail it down.
While the chai steeped, I pulled out a recipe I found online a while back for salted oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate. So. Good. I love oatmeal cookies but rarely eat them because they're usually paired with raisins. Ick. These are the perfect blend of oatmeal and chocolate with a slight salty kick to them. I'll definitely be making them again!
Here's to a handful of more sunny days full of iced chai and sweet treats!


Life Lately

Happy Monday, friends! Here are a few snapshots from the last few weeks via Instagram and my phone archives:
My sweet man during a coffee break on a Saturday walk
Group shot during our girls trip to SC to see my cousin!
Slowly reading through the pile of books next to my bed.
Afternoon ice cream with my sisters
The last few Saturdays have been spent walking the Beltline and through Piedmont Park
Sunshine behind Ponce City Market
Post-work bubble tea
Overwhelming hints of the coming of Spring
Snacks + Coffee by the river on my day off
Pre-hair cut selfie.
Early Spring cleaning. Beautiful light, open windows, and the sounds of nature in our urban backyard.
We had guests this week and they brought tulips
Sunshine + homemade chai
Sunset in our backyard. Trees, birds, skyscrapers, and planes.