Quiet Sunday

This morning Eddie and I slept in and went to the late service. The service stirred up a lot of thoughts and sparked deep conversations which we shared over a bowl of pho and a couple of bahn mi sandwiches. We spent the afternoon in relative quiet, processing and thinking through a lot. Digging deep into relationships and truly investing in the lives around me has been a challenge. I find that I stay on the surface with relationships, attempting to hold together a clean and presentable exterior, rather than diving into the uneven, sometimes messy areas of life with honesty and authenticity. I want to pursue the Lord, my husband, my path in life with a raw vulnerability, unafraid of emotion and conflict or strain.

Striving for a deeper level of vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty this week. At home, at work, in the quiet place. 

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  1. striving for deeper, more authentic relationships is something I'm always working on! I mean, it's especially tricky for a "blogger", where most of the friendships seem pretty superficial. anyway, pretty photographs! and I love pho!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya